July 6, 2015

Wow, this here blog has been neglected for a very long time. I've thought about it, and wanted to post my thoughts and work so often.....but our life has taken a different direction these past few years. A direction that has taken me away from so much of what I thought my life would be, and yet exactly where I knew it would be.  

For years, I have known that my life would involve public service. I knew that politics would be a part somehow. I didn't know the details though. It made sense when I met my husband. Again, I just didn't know the details, and I didn't exactly know the role I would be asked to play, and the transition it would be.

 My husband has been serving as Mayor of our City, and I am extremely proud of him for his hard work and determination. I have loved watching him use his talents and skills and work tirelessly on behalf of our community. But it has come with sacrifices that I never anticipated. 

I had a conversation with someone the other day, and as happens occasionally, they thanked me for allowing my husband to serve and making sacrifices that come with that service. I explained that I've known since I was a teenager that this was the direction my life would take, so even though I didn't know the specific sacrifices we would make, there isn't a question as to whether or not he should serve. I think the Lord was preparing me so that during the rough transitions and the long days, I wouldn't want to back out, to say, "Never mind, this isn't what I want to do, this isn't worth it." 

Not that I have been asked to sacrifice anything near what others in history have been asked to sacrifice! Let's be real, we live in a great community, I have four amazing, albeit active and rambunctious (aka, typical) children, awesome friends and family, and blessings that have allowed us to follow this path. But there are definitely sacrifices. This blog, and my photography business being among them.

 I'm pretty sure no one follows me right now, and I'm completely ok with that. In fact, that makes it easier for me to come and write my thoughts and share my little corner of the world somehow. So I am going to try and come here and blog more often. Maybe not with any great regularity, but I am going to make the conscious effort to come and share my work and my world. I need a creative outlet sometimes, so sometimes I'll blog. And since I can't stand to read blogs that don't have any pictures, here is one from our recent family vacation that has nothing to do with anything. 


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August 22, 2012

This image is my girl to a "t". Such a sweet, precocious thing!


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Another gorgeous Senior.
Inland Empire Photographer says:

Great job capturing such great, beautiful smiles! Keep up the great work!

(08.20.12 @ 09:28 PM)
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A couple of weeks before my niece was born, I had the opportunity to take my brother and sister in law out for a few maternity pictures.
curatare tapiterie says:

I love your work, your photos looks just awesome like always!

(02.09.13 @ 05:46 PM)
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June 22, 2012

Just dusting off the blog, and posting some recent work. My beautiful niece.

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